5 Luxury Home Amenities Buyers Want on Cape Cod

5 Luxury Home Amenities Buyers Want on Cape Cod

  • Robert B. Kinlin
  • 08/17/22

Luxury clients searching for Cape Cod homes for sale seek many different amenities than just a few years before. While the idea of luxury may have previously meant sprawling mansions with room for a tennis court and a larger-than-life swimming pool, today’s luxury buyers are all about the details, the location, and a private space for the family.

Home prices are rising in many areas all over the country, and the Cape Cod real estate market is no different. According to The Boston Globe, 54% of homes in the Cape sold above the asking price in April of last year alone. Those looking for luxury Cape Cod homes for sale should be prepared to offer a premium. However, even in a seller’s market, keeping the buyer in mind is essential, especially in luxury. Here are five amenities luxury buyers are looking to score in Cape Cod real estate.

Location, location, location

Luxury buyers still want privacy as they always have, but they’re more inclined to achieve that privacy with fences, gates, or cleverly planted flora and fauna. Buyers in the Cape Cod real estate market are not necessarily looking to be in a remote location surrounded by woodlands to achieve that privacy. Instead, buyers are looking for a home with proximity to local amenities and exclusive community spaces.

Cape Cod offers a host of amenities for the luxury buyer, including yacht clubs, golf courses, tennis centers, and wellness spas fit for a royal family. Buyers are looking to build community in these clubs and exclusive spaces. They also want to feel like they’re a part of the community. Homes located near local amenities are seeing a surge in interest.

Impressive outdoor space

One of the most inviting aspects of Cape Cod real estate is the proximity to the water. Buyers on Cape Cod are looking to live life outdoors, and the luxury space is no different. Luxury buyers are increasingly looking for a home that transitions well from indoor to outdoor living.

Homes with a unique outdoor space, including a swimming pool, kitchen, and manicured gardens, are more likely to attract buyers’ attention. Don’t forget a covered patio for those rainy winter days or a refuge from the sweltering heat during the summer. Homes with an outdoor kitchen and a space for entertaining outdoors have also become very attractive to luxury buyers.


If you’re looking at Cape Cod homes for sale in the luxury space, you’re likely also looking to score a home with the latest tech. Whether you plan to purchase this as your main home or a secondary vacation spot, technology can drastically improve your quality of life while in your new Cape Cod home. Technology has only made life more accessible, and the luxury home space is no different.

Are you looking to control the climate and lighting from your phone while 200 miles away? Are you hoping to preheat the oven or control the thermostat with a button? The right technology can make all the difference and significantly improve the quality of life while living or vacationing in your Cape Cod home.

Access to water

The 70-mile, U-shaped peninsula jutting off of the eastern side of Massachusetts has long been known for its proximity to water and the lifestyle that accompanies its prime location. When you think of Cape Cod, you typically think of activities on the water, such as boating, fishing, and kayaking. Whether purchasing as the main living space or secondary home, buyers on Cape Cod are looking to take advantage of the peninsula’s ideal location.

Cape Cod homes for sale in the luxury space offering yacht or boat parking, docks, and beach access are in high demand. Private access to the water is desirable. However, buyers are also happy to gain water access via an association. Some may even prefer the community aspect of a yacht, boat, or wellness association on the water.

Separate living suite

Those purchasing a home in Cape Cod are looking for a space for leisurely summer activities for the whole family. If inviting parents, adult children, a live-in nanny, or friends from afar to join you on the water is your thing, you likely want to give your guests a bit of privacy. An en-suite bedroom is lovely, but a separate living suite on the property can offer both communal living for guests, staff, or much-needed privacy for everyone.

A separate living suite can come in the form of an upstairs or basement apartment fitted with a kitchen and bathroom or as a wholly detached dwelling. An accessory dwelling could potentially increase the value of your home, though exactly how much depends on the location and the market. Since the Cape Cod real estate market is rife with vacationers looking for a place to escape with family, friends, and in-laws, a separate living suite is incredibly sought after.

Now is an excellent time if you’re looking to sell your home in Cape Cod. The demand for Cape Cod homes is at an all-time high while the available inventory is sparse, according to the Cape Cod & Islands Association of Realtors’ 2021 Annual Market Report. Home prices are also high as luxury buyers have less inventory to choose from. Consider these five amenities luxury buyers are looking for when selling your Cape Cod home to generate the best offer.
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