How to Stage Your Luxury Boston Home to Wow Buyers

How to Stage Your Luxury Boston Home to Wow Buyers

  • Robert B. Kinlin
  • 04/22/22

The current U.S. housing market is highly competitive. Houses are selling the week they’re listed, and sellers are in a higher power position than buyers. Boston real estate, in particular, is experiencing its third year of double-digit price gains with an incredibly competitive streak, driven by a limited number of homes for sale in desirable suburban school districts.

This may lead you as a seller to believe that staging your home before it goes on the market is unnecessary; however, there are several reasons you should invest your time and money in creating a beautifully-staged home. Even with the limited number of Boston homes for sale, you will want to ensure that your home stands out from the competition, that the families viewing the property can visualize their lives in the home, and that the families perceive the home as one with high value. Use these tips to stage your luxury Boston home to wow buyers:

Remove outdated furniture

You want your home to shine, and choosing the right type of furniture for the style of your home is essential. Now is the time to remove antiques, dark furniture, and anything that obscures lighting and picturesque views. Furniture that was top-of-the-line 20+ years ago will not appeal to the modern-day homebuyer. The furniture used to stage your home should fit the style of the house and not detract from the major selling points of your property. Furniture that feels like it doesn’t fit in will distract buyers from looking at the home itself, making it difficult for potential buyers to see themselves living there. Remember, Boston real estate is competitive, and you want your home to wow potential buyers from the start.

No detail is too small

Now that your furniture complements your space don’t miss the small details.

Lighting is a crucial aspect of selling a home. You will want potential buyers to see each aspect of your home when viewing an online photo, and a well-lit area will do just that. The lighting choices you make will also impact how the potential buyers feel about the home when they walk in for first-time viewing. You can use lighting to affect the feel of each room — by choosing different types of lighting, such as ambient or accent lighting, you will enhance the interior of each separate space in your home.
Painting is also an essential aspect of home staging. Buyers of Boston real estate do not want to have to paint their new homes as soon as they move in. A newly painted interior will give potential buyers a great first impression, showcasing a house ready to be lived in, not one that needs maintenance and touch-ups. Adding a fresh coat of paint throughout your home will also give it a clean, fresh look which will wow buyers as they enter each room.

Scents can also impact a buyer’s decision-making in many situations. When staging, the smells around your home can be as important as the visuals. When you have lived in your home for a while, you get used to the scents and often don’t notice what your house smells like! By being aware of this, you will be able to purposefully stage each room with scents that make potential buyers feel at home as soon as they walk in. A pleasant aroma can make a huge difference in a potential buyer’s first impression. Whether you choose citrus for a fresh scent, herbs to be warm and welcoming, or vanilla to provide a cozy atmosphere, choosing the right scents will set the mood and add to the wow factor that your immaculately staged home creates.

Hire professionals

You want your home to sell for the highest amount possible. This is the time to hire professionals who work closely with clients who have experience selling Boston homes. Working with a professional will increase the ever-sought-after wow factor when selling your luxury home. Choose a professional staging company with an extensive selection of furniture and décor that will make your home stand out from the competition. Professional staging companies will ensure that the items they choose to stage your home will lead potential buyers on a seamless journey through your home, highlighting the features that make your property unique and memorable.

Professional photography is as important as a professionally staged home. This is not the time to take out your cell phone and snap a few pictures to post online. Your home must look as luxurious in photos as it does in person! Many people get their first look at potential homes online, and the quality of the images you use to promote your home will impact their first impression. If the photos do not catch the eye of potential buyers, the likelihood of those buyers spending time viewing your home in person decreases.

A final deep clean

Now that your home is professionally-staged and walk-through ready, hire a cleaning service for a final deep clean. Though your house was likely clean when you began staging, you’ll still want to complete this step before listing. A freshly-cleaned home will ensure that each surface is immaculate and ready to impress every potential homebuyer that walks through the front door.

You now have the knowledge you need to stage your luxury home. Your home will stand out from other Boston homes for sale, and you’re ready to invest in the details that it will take to impress your potential buyers at their first look. The final step to selling your luxury home is reaching out to the right agent. Robert Kinlin is an area expert and would be happy to help you get top dollar for your home.

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